Shiba Platinum Token

SHIBA PLATINUM is an innovative, experimental, and community-based project, aiming to revolutionize the digital and real-world in every way.

What is Shiba Platinum Project ?

Shiba Platinum $SHIBA is an innovative, experimental, and community-based project,aiming to revolutionize the digital and real-world in every way. Shiba Platinum Token was created to unite humans throughout the universe, ensure freedoms, spread love, fight hate and global inequality, directly changing the world through the power of blockchain technology, all while making crypto truly fun. Shiba Platinum is the 1st cryptocurrency to utilize direct action peer-to-peer charity and is the 1st cryptocurrency truly for all human beings.


YourICO Roadmap

The new Updates will be available soon.

Shiba Platinum CardPay
2023 INFO
ShibaPlatinum New Inversor Accepted ShibaPlatinum Swap ShibaPlatinum Game Online ShibaPlatinum Dubai Casino ShibaPlatinum Monaco Casino ShibaPlatinum LasVegas Casino
Shiba Platinum Metaverse
#SHIBA Platinum Token Launch
✅July/Agust 2022 ✅Start advertising ✅Token listing in PancakeSwap ✅Launch of the #SHIBA Token Listing in Coinmarketcap Listing in Coingecko Listing on BitMart Changing the shape of the web
Shiba Platinum NFT
✅May/June 2022 ✅NFT drawing ✅Creating the ERC721 Contract ✅Listed on OpenSea ✅Listed on Looksrare Start advertising NFT Start Sales
Shiba Platinum Staking
✅Creating staking ✅Launch staking ✅SHIBA Stake ✅USDT Stake ✅BNB Stake ✅ETH Stake
Shiba Platinum Launched
✅Financial protocol developing ✅ New partnerships ✅Private Sale ✅PreSale ✅Growing team ✅Marketing department ✅Online assist team
Creacion of Shiba Platinum
✅Project developing ✅Team ✅Market analysis ✅Smartchain Contract ✅Web design ✅Social media ✅Whitepaper ✅Roadmap

YourICO awesome features

In the world of cryptocurrency, an ICO has many parallels to an IPO for a stock. ICOs, token sales, and crowd sales events allow companies to raise funds. They do this by releasing cryptocurrency to interested parties in the form of a new crypto token.

Binance Smart Chain Technology

Shiba Platinum is a BEP20 token launched in the Binance Smart Chain Network.


We are not owners of the Shiba Platinum, we gave up the ownership for the public.


Shiba Platinum has given up on the ownership of the token for the public. Shiba Platinum contract is checked by many company before launch and is 100% safe

ICO Calender

Public listing PancakeSwap 22 august 2022

Phase Start Date End Date Quantity Price Sold Status
SHIBA NRT 21 Dec, 2022 12:00 AM 23 Dec, 2022 12:00 AM 500000001 Shiba Platinum 0.0001 USD
10 X 10 25 Jan, 2023 12:00 AM 26 Jan, 2023 12:00 AM 500 Shiba Platinum 1000 USD

Our Team Members

Everyone says it, but in our case its true: our team is the secret to our success. Each of our employees is amazing in their own right, but together they are what makes Shiba Platinum such a fun and rewarding place to work.


Shehroz N

PapelWrite and Business Manager

Vicentiu C S

Business en iT Engineering Software Innovations GmbH


Owner of Vip Disco Clubbing and Marketing


Cryptocurrency and blockchain analyst

Umair Iqbal

Graphic Designer · Web Designer · HTML Developer

Angelina Martinez

Owner at Pako Advertise and ShibaPlatinum Marketing

Shiba Platinum Big Boss

CEO Founder

Our client say about us

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I am very happy with this community and I hope that in a short time it will become very, very important in the world of cryptocurrencies.



Crypto Trader

What I can say about this community is that for the moment it is growing visibly and in the very short future it will become very well known by many people.



Software Tester

For now, this community is beginning to make itself known in the world of cryptocurrencies. In a short time I am sure that it will be one of the most important communities in the crypto world.


Karim H

Graphics Designer

Frequently Asked Questions

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You recive the Shiba Platinum Token wallet after the Phase finish.

You can buy Shiba Platinum NFT on OPENSEA Just Click on link and you get direct to the Shiba Platinum NFT Collection

Shiba Platinum $SHIBA contract is safe and verified by

You can buy Shiba Platinum $SHIBA on the web after,farst you need add founds. You can buy Shiba Platinum $SHIBA on after Private Sale and PreSale finish. SHIBA Tokens

Shiba Platinum Inu is an Estandard Token created in Binance Smart Chain. Shiba Platinum has given up on the Ownership of the token for the public.